Red Lion top of the table at Christmas

The QUARTER finals of the Hood and Dizzy competitions took place on Wednesday, December 19. The results for the Hood Trophy are as follows:

Bridgend A, 9; Park Bar B, 1.

180 scorers - R. Keith (2), G. Will.

Quick legs - C. Smith, 17; M. Gibbs, 18; R. Porterfield/G. Will, 18.

The Dizzy cup quarter finals resulted:

Brechin Arms, 6; Parkview, 1.

180 scorer - C. Gordon.

The draw for the semi finals are:

Hood - Park Bar A, Bridgend A; Red Lion, Bridgend B.

Dizzy - Brechin Arms, Eastend Bar; Legion, City Royal.

The next round of league action is scheduled for Wednesday, January 9. The fixtures are:

City Royal, Park Bar A; Bridgend B, Brechin Arms; Legion, Eastend; Park Bar B, Brigdend A; Parkview, Red Lion.

Top of the table at the Christmas break was the Red Lion on 12 points, having won all six of their matches.