Rescobie catches

RESCOBIE anglers have been spoiled for choices of excuse over the past few weeks.

For a time it was too cold or too windy then it was too bright or too warm.

As always, there were some anglers who continued to catch fish regardless of the conditions but, as they say, it is better to be lucky than skillful!

Nearly all those fortunate enough to catch fish reported that they were not that far down and were being taken on Midge tips or Intermediates.

All manner of flies are getting results with buzzers doing very well.

Diawl Bach and Crunchers also had their fair share as did Dancers and black and green lures. Condor continues to be a hot spot but the Greenbank and Kirk Hole are doing well.

Good sized browns continue to come off with L. Anderson (Invergowrie) having two at 8lbs each within a week.

K. McIntosh (Forfar) had one at 7lbs, A Fyall (Arbroath) one at 9lbs and G. Smith (Arbroath) one at 8lbs.

Quite a few large rainbows have also been taken as follows:- S. Birrell (Perth) 10lb 15oz, G. Oster (Ceres) 12lbs, J. Mowatt (Forfar) 12lb 8oz, G. Patullo (Forfar) 9lb 4oz, J. Yule (Kirrie) 7lbs, W. Johnston (Blair) 8lb 8oz and N. Fyfe (Forfar) 7lb 8oz.

On the leader board for Gow’s Fish of the Month is D. Paton (Friockheim) with an 11lb rainbow.

Some recent bank successes were as follows:- R. Beedie (Brechin), four for 11lbs,;D. Watson (Arbroath), four for 14lb 4oz; G. Patullo (Forfar), four for 11lbs.

J. Campbell (Brechin), four for 11lb 11oz; C. Munro (Forfar), four for 10lb 8oz; and G. Smith (Arbroath), four for 11lbs.

From the boats: D. Robertson (Brechin), four for 10lbsl E. Bannister (Brechin), four for 9lb 4oz; A. Taylor (Guthrie), four for 10lbs; K. Shepherd (Forfar), four for 13lb 12oz.

I. Goodlet (Forfar), four for 15lbs; G. Knox (Dundee), four for 14lb 2oz; D. Timmons (Forfar), four for 11lb 4oz; D. Milne (Arbroath), four for 14lbs; N. Cargill (Arbroath), four for 14lbs; R. McIntosh (Kirrie), four for 11lb 5oz; L. Dickson (Montrose), four for 13lbs; and J. McIntosh (Kirrie), four for 10lb 6oz.

Congratulations to Kathleen Shepherd who, as part of the Scottish Ladies’ Team, sent England, Ireland and Wales home to think again.

by Bill Balfour.