Round-up of latest Brechin darts results

Brechin Ladies’ Darts

Brechin and District Ladies’ Darts’ league Knockout Cup tournament came to a conclusion on January 12.

The final was contested by Bridgend Bar and Parkview, with the result Bridgend 7, Parkview 2.

A league spokesperson said: “Well done to the Bridgend for winning the Knockout Cup season 2014/15.”

The league results from January 19, were as follows:

City Royal 1, Brechin Arms 8

Parkview 4, Park Bar 5

Bridgend, bye.

High Scores from those matches were:

Florence Barclay, 133.

Isabelle Stratton, 138.

Trish Burke, 140.

Susan Lessels, 121.

Michelle James, 140.

Donna Guthrie, 126.

Lorriane Fraser, 140.

Brechin Men’s Darts

In the Men’s League, the results for January 14, were as follows:

Bridgend C 13, Parkview 15.

City Royal B 4, Bridgend A 24.

Eastend 16, Brechin Arms 12.

Legion A 10, Bridgend B 18

Park Bar B 10, City Royal A 18.

Scots Corner 15, Park Bar A 13.

Legion B, bye.

180s - Dave Smith, Scott Guthrie, Ged Simpson, Danny Wilox (2) and Ricky Keith.

Quick Legs:

Ian McLean, 16.

Scott Winder, 17.

Gary McFarlane/Ian McLean, 18.

Danny Wilox, 18.

The results from the Hood Cup and Dizzy Stack semi finals, held January 21, were:

Hood Cup - Park Bar A 13, Bridgend B 15; Bridgend A 13, Scots Corner 15.

Dizzy Stack - Park Bar B 6, Eastend 16; Parkview 18, Bridgend C 10.

180s - J. Bisset, R. Cameron, S. Porter, M. Gibb, B. Reid, G. McFarlane and D. Lessels.

Quick Legs:

S Green, 18.

M. Gibb, 18.

G. McFarlane, 15.

J. Soutar, 18.

High Checkouts:

G. McFarlane, 129.

Super league Returns

The Men’s Angus Super league returns on Friday, March 20, whilst the women’s league returns on Sunday, March 22.