Rugby Club host biggest home festival

Pictured aer the BRUCE following their final victory

Pictured aer the BRUCE following their final victory

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On Saturday, September 20, Brechin’ veteran rugby team played host to four teams from Stonehaven, Cupar, Kirkcaldy and Edinburgh.

It was Brechin BRUCE’s biggest home festival of the season, and also the biggest festival in the Tayside area for the coming season.

The teams who were set to face off against Brechin BRUCE, were the Mammoths (Stonehaven), Howe Knights (Cupar), Zingari (Kirkcaldy) and TheBans (Edinburgh).

In glorious sunshine a total of nearly 90 players took to the field during the competition in what was a wonderful advert for the club, Brechin and indeed the sport of rugby.

The Brechin club, bolstered by their new feeder section from Dunkeld, played each and every visitor in an exhausting two hours of exciting and flowing rugby and showed that their depth in numbers is helping to take them to a higher level of play.

The overall results for the day were:-

Zingari 40, Howe Knights 5; Mammoths 5, BRUCE 15; Howe Knights 0, TheBans 5; BRUCE 25, TheBans 0; Zingari 40, TheBans 0; BRUCE 5, Howe Knights 0; Howe Knights 0, Mammoths 40;

BRUCE 3, Zingari 0.

A spokesperson for Brechin Rugby Club said: “The final game for the BRUCE team was indeed a great achievement over a team that is regarded as being one of the top veteran’s teams in the country and is a show of how strong the team has become over the few years that they have been in existence.”