Season update for Brechin Pirates

Fair Play winners : Brechin Juniors won the Fair Play trophy at a recent tournament held at the WASPS in Dundee, showing the great spirit the kids have when they compete.

Fair Play winners : Brechin Juniors won the Fair Play trophy at a recent tournament held at the WASPS in Dundee, showing the great spirit the kids have when they compete.

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THE BRECHIN Pirates Rugby Club has had a very busy season so far with all the squads competing well in competitions.

The Micros (nursery to P3)

They have come on leap and bounds with strong attendance at both training and matches. They have had various fixtures where the matches have been tight and well played on both sides.

The speed in the team comes from Blakey Dunthorpe, Jamie Leslie-Melville, Peter Marwood and Lewis Forfar – all consistently demonstrating solid running with the ball to score tries.

Gregor Pert’s determination to snatch tags is always on show along with little Peter McLaren’s resilience in diving in for the loose ball.

A new member to the squad, Patrick Rose, shows great promise on the rugby pitch – and can do what a lot of Scotland players can’t - he can catch any ball thrown to him.

Younger member of the squad such are really coming along too, at a recent tournament held at the WASPS in Dundee, the team was entirely made up of P2 and younger but they all showed great spirit and determination playing their games well.

Micros Squad: Jamie Leslie-Melville, Peter Marwood, Patrick Rose, Blakey Dunthorne, Gregor Pert, Lewis Forfar, Peter McLaren, Kerr Forfar, Blake Dyer, Caelan Porter, Aidan Spalding, Lachie Cameron and Leon Reynolds.

The P4/5 squad

This has been the smallest squad this season, but it has not deterred them from competing in all the fixtures albeit sometimes with numbers made up from other teams.

Nicholas Leslie-Melville and Arran Murray have both shown in matches their ability to drive the ball forward regardless of what faces them. Mia Whyte and Guy O’Connell’s tackling prowess has stopped many an attack from the opposition.

New faces to the squad Sianna Blake and Abigail Milne are picking up the game well and showing more confidence with every challenging match.

P4/5 Squad: Nicholas Leslie-Melville, Arran Murray, Mia Whyte, Alix Morland, Rachel Johnstone, Sianna Blake, Abigail Milne, Guy O’Connell and Logan Bruce.

The P6/P7 squad

What a season for the ‘Brechin Pirates’ P6/P7 Squad. Winning their first two matches at Montrose and Dundee Wasps, the Pirates then went down twice in close-run contests to Carnoustie and Blairgowrie Rams.

Before the Christmas break the squad went to Forfar to take on Strathie Sharks. Conditions after the heavy rainfall were the muddiest this season – something the boys seem to enjoy - and temperatures were mild for the time of year.

For this outing 13 boys were fielded, with the team sorely missing Dean Sharp in the forwards and Jack Robertson and Kyle Greig in the backs.

Fielding a team of eight with three subs, Keenan Healey and Finlay Milne changed shirts to augment the Strathie squad and play against their team mates.

The formation was four forwards in the centre with a winger and support player on each of the flanks.

Playing three 15 minute matches captained by Jack Wood and Tom Marwood, the Pirates kept defensive discipline maintaining a straight line preventing a Strathie breakthrough.

In possession they went forward well with occasional lapses in concentration before racing forward in support.

Tremendous hard work in the centre from Jack, Andrew, Lewis, Cameron, Elliot, Connor and Craig and fast footwork from Tom, Callum, Cain and Henry on the flanks wore down the Strathie ranks in the first two matches to give the Pirates hard earned victories with tries from Craig, Lewis, Cameron, Tom, Jack, Henry and Cain.

In the third match, the formation was changed. Strathie exploited the changes running over several tries to earn their victory but not before Elliot celebrated his first try for the Club.

Keenan in the centre and Finlay on the wing for Strathie Sharks were constantly in the thick of it and played a very tough game with lots of hard work.‘Muddy’ of the match was Tom after several diving tries and tackles but it was a difficult choice.

P6/7 Squad; Cain Anderson, Connor Buchan, Andrew Gowan, Elliot Knowles, Tom Marwood, Craig Moore, Henry ‘Ninja’ O’Connell, Callum ’Speedy’ Pert, Cameron ‘Scooby’ Ritchie, Jack ‘Face’ Wood, Lewis Wood, Keenan Healey, Finlay Milne and Jack Robertson.

Club news

The Brechin coaches are much impressed and encouraged with the commitment, effort and improvement by the boys and girls in all their squads. They also give thanks to the parents who consistently brave the weather supporting and encouraging both players and coaches.

A new initiative has also been launched in Brechin – Ladies Rugby!

Training on a Thursday night from 6.30 to 8 p.m., along side the men, this is a non-contact session designed at introducing rugby to the fairer sex.

Any player of any ability, aged 14 and upwards is more than welcome to come along and give it a ‘try’.

Congratulations to Jack Wood who was selected as mascot representing Brechin Junior RFC at the Scotland versus Tonga autumn test fixture at Pittodrie in November 2012. It was a family day out and Jack met several players on both teams including Scotland Lock, Richie Gray.

Brechin Juniors also won the Fair Play trophy at a recent tournament held at the WASPS in Dundee, again showing the great spirit the kids have when they compete.

And last but not least praise must also go to the BRUCE’s Golden Oldie team who were nominated for Team of the Year at the Recent Angus Sports Awards 2012.