Strathcona Cup win for Scots

Pictured: The Scotland squad are pictured at Edinburgh Airport after their triumphant return home from Canada.
Pictured: The Scotland squad are pictured at Edinburgh Airport after their triumphant return home from Canada.

TWO LOCAL curlers embarked on a tour of Canada as they helped Scotland to a win in the Strathcona Cup.

Mike Ferguson and Bob Miller, both of whom are members of the Edzell Curling Club, took part in the historic curling competition.

The pair were part of a 60-strong team that, for the first time in the competition’s history, were divided in to three teams of 20 playing on the West, Central and East tours, opposed to the previous manner of two groups of 28 touring the East and West of Canada.

The West Tour, of which Mr Miller was a part of, started their tour in Vancouver and travelled east through Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The West Tour’s overall score ended 852 to Scotland, with Canada taking 863 points.

Mr Ferguson was captain of the Central tour, who began their tour in Ottawa and continued to Ontario, Toronto and Montreal, amongst other venues. The result for the Central team was Scotland, 1002 and Canada, 913.

The East team started their tour in Halifax, Nova Scotia and moved onto Newfoundland (for the first time). They then returned to Nova Scotia and before going on to Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick. Their tie ended with Scotland on 1002 and Canada on 845.

All three tours then met up in Burlington for the final matches and the Closing Bonspiel.

In total, the curlers took part in 427 games, with venues ranging from small two sheet rinks to the grandest curling clubs in the larger cities. The overall result saw Scotland with score of 2876 and Canada on 2621, handing Scotland their 10th Stracathona Cup.

Speaking of the experience Mr Ferguson, said: “It was truly an experience of a lifetime curling twice a day most days for 25 days, travelling all across the country and being met by the most friendly and hospitable people you could ever want to meet.

“The Strathcona Cup is a major event in Canada with TV crews and the press at almost every event.”

Mr Ferguson added that the competitions had given the Scottish players “fond memories and many new found friends.”

The win has now brought the head-to-head record between the two countries to Canada on 11, and Scotland just one behind on 10.

Scotland will be hoping to retain the title in 2018, the next time the Strathcona Cup takes place, in order to bring the amount of titles level - especially as the competition will take place on Scottish soil.