Swimmers take part in fourth Midland gala

The Brechin Beavers travelled to Arbroath on Saturday to compete against other teams from Angus, Dundee and Perthshire in the fourth gala in this year’s Midlands League series.

Considering the event fell on a bank holiday weekend the Beavers were able to present an almost full team, only short of swimmers and relay teams in the 12/13 year old girls’ age group.

After the first round of Medley relays, Brechin were pleasantly surprised to find they were placed second, expecting to be in third/fourth place. This gave the team a real boost and the swimmers’ performances went from strength to strength.

Swimming back stroke were Maia Birse-Archibold, Ava Reid, Nathan Reid, Kyle Steel, Sarah Howe, Sai Welsh, Ynys Chaffer, Ross Collie, Lana Cheyne and Ben Steel.

Swimming breast stroke were Hayley Fraser, Joel Thomson, Jacob Smith, Heidi Smith, Brodie Cameron, Alex Thomson, Julie Thomson, Keir Rankin, Juliette Simpson, Ynys Chaffer and Calum Milne.

Swimming butterfly were Kerr Morrison, Lisa Duncan, Jacob Smith, Jack MacDonald, Fiona Nicol and Gordon Simpson.

Swimming freestyle were Courtney Morrison, Ross Rankin, Juliette Simpson, Cameron Ritchie, Sarah Tough, Liam Brown, Beth Greig, Sean Willis and Alex Thomson.

With only the freestyle relays to go, Brechin Beavers were still holding on to second place, but knew it was close with Carnoustie Claymores snapping at their heels. All swimmers knew they couldn’t afford any errors and showed real stamina and determination to retain second place on 121 points, some 17 points ahead of third place.

The swimmers have been working hard at training sessions and the results were apparent with improvements in strokes, diving, streamlining and turning, leading to faster times and better placings on the night.

Swimmers gaining first placings and maximum points were Nathan Reid, Kerr Morrison, Liam Brown, Ross Collie, Calum Milne and Juliette Simpson, who came first in both of her events.

Swimmers with new PB times were Alex Thomson, Beth Greig, Ynys Chaffer, Kyle Steel, Maia Birse-Archibold, Ross Rankin, Lisa Duncan, Jacob Smith, Cameron Ritchie, Liam Brown and Gordon Simpson.

A spokesperson for the club commented: “Coaches would like to thank the swimmers for the hard work they have been putting in at training – well done and keep on swimming!

“Any swimmers interested in joining the club, please contact Jennifer Taylor, by email jenniferetaylor@hotmail.co.uk”