Swimming achievements

At the final gala of the year in the Midlands District 2nd division there were many excellent performances from the Brechin Beavers Swim Team.

Head coach Gareth McClure presented every swimmer who won points for the club with Competitive Stroke Technique certificates, for the events entered. They are as follows: Rory Allison, Front Crawl Skills; Aaron Angus, Back Stroke Skills; Katie August, Butterfly Skills; Ross Collie, Front Crawl and Back Stroke Skills; James Craik, Front Crawl Skills; Morgan Crighton, Front Crawl Skills; Kirsten Duncan, Butterfly Skills and Breast Stroke Skills; Lisa Duncan, Breast Stroke Skills; Lewis Hall, Breast Stroke Skills; Rachel Johnston, Front Crawl Skills; Elle McMillan, Front Crawl Skills; Courtney Morrison, Front Crawl Skills; Kerr Morrison, Front Crawl Skills; Ross Rankin, Back Stroke Skills; Cameron Ritchie, Front Crawl Skills and Butterfly Skills; Gordon Simpson, Butterfly Skills; Juliette Simpson, Breast Stroke Skills. Swimmer of the Month for October 2011; Rory Allison, for commitment and effort at club training sessions and excellent swims at league gala.

Swimmer of the Month for November 2011; Alex Stanbridge, for suberb swims for the club at Midlands District galas and continuing to swim for, and support, Brechin Beavers.