Swimming awards for Brechin Beavers

Pictured are Brechin Beavers' trophy and medal winners

Pictured are Brechin Beavers' trophy and medal winners

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Swimmers from the Brechin Beavers Swimming Club took part in a distance swimming challenge recently.

During the course of the event the following distance awards were achieved:-

10m - Lewis Cabrelli, Hayley Robertson.

20m - Fergus Clark, Ben Keetley, Lewis Keetley, Nina Kerr, Leah McLean, Mitchell Porter, Ritchie Webster.

50m - Rebekah Angus, Orla Bryce, Niamh Bryce, Robbie Burke, Brodie Cameron, Lewis Forfar, Declan Hay.

80m - Sophie Donaldson, Ava Reid, Alex Thomson.

120m - Jake Reid.

160m - Iris Calderwood.

200m - Maia Birse-Archibold, Thomas McCarle, Nathan Reid, Heidi Smith.

240m - Cameron Ritchie.

280m - Mia Torrie.

400m - Aimee Mackie.

480m - Keir Rankin.

520m - Rachel Johnston.

600m - Sianna Dyer, Isabella Mimiec, Gwen Ogilvie.

720m - Sasha Wilson.

800m - Robert Black, Ailsa Mackie, Abbie Reid, Liam Willis.

840m - Callum Mclaughlin, Ben Steel.

860m - Logan proctor.

1000m - Ross Clark, Courtney Morrison, Jacob Smith.

1080m - Lisa Duncan.

1100m - Lauren Strachan.

1120m - Joel Thomson, Sarah Tough, Ellia Wilson.

1200m - Rachel Burke, Calum Milne.

1400m - Aaron Angus, Iona Macleod.

1500m - Morgan Crighton, Elle McMillan, Jazmin McMillan, Kerr Morrison.

1540m - Ross Rankin.

1600m - James Craik.

As well as distance awards the club handed out certificates for their continued effort and improvement in the Learn To Swim Programme.

They were as follows:-

Libby Barclay, Mattea Chalmers, Finlay Clark, Kayla Clark, Blke Dyer, Chloe Garnes, Bailey Gibson, Calum Hutchison, Katrina Hutchison, Ella Johnston, Aimee Leslie, Natasha McNaughton, Rennie McMillan, Kenzi McMillan, Samantha Middleton, Caelan Porter, Abbie Reid, Hayden Reid, Logan Simms, Kyle Steel, Calum Wilson, Sean Willis, Jack MacDonald, Katie Milne.