Three anglers to get Scotland call

After yesterday (Wednesday) the fishing season is over for another year and for South Esk anglers this will be one to forget.

Despite a late but sparse run compared to previous years it did at least provide a fish for many who were still fishless after trying all season long. These last two weeks have at last provided some sport on Kinnaird middle and upper beats recording three salmon each and a great surge at Finavon Castle with over twenty recorded after the well publicised flood.

I may say that the damage to riverbank both above and below the town is amazing and one particular boulder a mile or so above Brechin has appeared in a stream and it must weigh at least a ton.

The funeral took place on Tuesday of the Invermark head keeper Fred Taylor. It was marked with one of the largest turnouts seen in the city for a long, long time.

Fred, who was at Invermark for 40 or so years as a keeper, also spent his youth a door away from his current home. He was devoted to the countryside he so loved and although his real expertise was in red deer and grouse, he was a great friend to many of us anglers who so enjoy Loch Lee.

Fred had a way of meeting people and making them all welcome, be it prince or weekend angler while still retaining his authority over this vast estate. I have been lucky enough to have known him since late boyhood and will miss him as I still recall his two predecessors Hugh Ferrier and Bert Ostler who I also had the privilege to know. Hugh taught me all he knew about Loch Lee as Fred taught me a lot about the hill and how to respect it.

My last meeting with Fred was half way up Mount Keen just after I had failed to get to the top following a heart bypass operation and we talked at very great length about everything life had brought us and what the future still had in store. We sat there looking out over the glen chatting away for nearly two hours so engrossed in each others stories that time had lost its meaning. I have a feeling that many will have similar reminders.

I am sure all anglers and countrymen will join me in sending our heartfelt condolences to his wife Ann (also well known to many anglers) and his family in their time of loss.

Tight Lines

Bill Balfour

In OTHER Brechin angling news, it has just been revealed that three youth anglers from Brechin Angling Club have been selected to represent Scotland in international competition.

At a recent competition held over two days at the weekend at Lake of Menteith, Brechin anglers, Martin Runcie and Jack Hamilton, both of whom qualified for the Scottish Youth Fly Fishing Team in 2012, have gained Scottish International Caps for 2013, along with Michael Craig who will be making his international debut.

Bill Balfour said: “It is a fantastic landmark for Brechin and its Angling Club which is the second oldest in the land. They will fish for Scotland in the Home International somewhere in Wales in August 2013.

“I would ask again for the people of Brechin to get behind these young men and support them in any way they can as considerable cost is involved by way of tackle, uniform and a massive cost in accommodation and travel.”

For more on Martin, Michael and Jack’s selection, please see next week’s Brechin Advertiser.