Trial set for summer skating venture

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Forfar Indoor Sports are looking into the possibility of turning the ice rink into a roller skating rink during the summer months.

Mike Ferguson, managing director of Forfar Indoor Sports, said: “We have already had a lot of interest in the idea of turning the ice rink into a roller skating rink during the summer.

“And with that in mind we are looking to hold a trial event on Saturday, June 29.”

Mike has already looked into companies dealing with hiring skates.

It is more than likely that the format for the summer skating would go along similar lines to the ice skating sessions during the winter.

Mike said: “There would be sessions at the weekends and on Friday nights in a similar way to what is already on offer at the ice rink.

“We would also be looking at offering family sessions and lessons as there are a lot of professionals in the area.

“We already have a lot of the facilities in place with the disco lights and the cafe/bar. And it would also mean that people wouldn’t have to skate on the streets, especially if we get another wet summer.”

Eventually Forfar Indoor Sports would be looking at starting a new Roller Skating Club in the same way that clubs are already in place for ice-skating, indoor bowling and curling.

Mike added: “The feedback so far has been encouraging and at the moment we just want to know how much demand there would be for such a facility.

“We have already had a professional skater in to try out the rink and he was very impressed with the surface.”

While June 29 is the proposed date for a trial day at the moment this is not yet set in stone so keep an eye out for more details in the near future.