Tribute paid to members

Brechin Angling Club paid tribute to two stalwart members who have passed away. Doug Hutcheson from Little Brechin was a longstanding member who spent many years on the committee and was a tireless worker on many work parties.

Fishing to Doug was a pleasure often on his own on his beloved West Water and I am sure that he had the first salmon from the river most years. Apart from fishing he was an ornithologist of some note and a true countryman.

Dr Richard Sharp came among us a decade ago when he retired from General Practice in Cornwall and joining the club was one of his first things on his list. He made many good friends among us Brechiners and became a very popular member. In recent years he suffered some ill health and was unable to fish while an ever growing family in the south called him back to the West Country where he passed away two weeks ago. Richard was also an accomplished yachtsman and had only recently brought a new boat up to Montrose, but his health made sailing impossible.

Salmon remain in very short supply in the South Esk, although possibly we may have seen a run over the weekend as I and several friends are reporting seeing fish at last. I cannot wait for the nets coming off in a few days and I am sure the river will suddenly burst into life for the last few weeks. Now is the time to give the South Esk a try.

The North Esk however is full of fish and although needing a wee bit of water to make things perfect I am sure our weather will not let us down.

Internationally famous fly tier Steve Newsome gave a sparkling demonstration in the Bridgend Lounge on Tuesday evening, enthralling an audience from as far away as Fife and Blairgowrie. He tied patterns of the latest buzzers and crunchers from the fly boxes of the current International teams and you could hear a pin drop while he demonstrated amazing dexterity and as near perfection as is possible.

Steve (a member of BAC ) has been giving these demo’s for many years but has never had such a big audience, a measure of his popularity. Don’t miss next year.

Tight Lines, Bill Balfour.