Two Brechiners represent Scotland

Two Brechin judo players represented Scotland when they took part in their first international competition.

Coach Mark Arbuthnott and senior player Piotr Gawrysiak of the Brechin’s Mudanshakai Judo Club, fought in the Masters (veterans) section of the Commonwealth Judo Championships at the Donald Gordon Theatre in the Millenium Centre, Cardiff on Monday.

Commonwealth championships take place every two years except in years when judo is part of the programme of the Commonwealth Games, as it is in Glasgow next year. The competition was the first sports event to be held in the theatre and was televised by Sky Sports, as well as being live streamed over the internet.

Speaking before the competition Mark said: “The competition will is the culmination of a long period of training to develop both cardiovascular fitness, mainly through running, and explosive anaerobic power through weight training.

“The lack of judo clubs in the near vicinity has been a problem as judo randori (fighting) would be the ideal way to develop cardio’ so we have had to suffice with a programme of running working up to 5k every other day or so.

“As the competition is a bit of an unknown for us but will undoubtedly be of a high level we both felt it prudent to prepare as if it were the full, senior contest we were entering.

“Hopefully this will stand us in good stead on the day.”