Very hard but good natured play at Carnoustie

Pictures is Callum Pert successfully kicking a conversion for the S1/2 team.

Pictures is Callum Pert successfully kicking a conversion for the S1/2 team.

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Brechin Junior rugby club (The Pirates) travelled to Carnoustie on Sunday, November 24, and the six Micros were ready and raring to play.

The Micros played three games of spectacular rugby, with tries being scored by both teams, a side-step or two and a couple of lumps and bumps.

The games ended in a tie with a great atmosphere between both teams.

Tries for Brechin Pirates were scored by Lewis Forfar, Gregor Pert and Aiden Spalding.

Being short on numbers, the P4/5 Pirates borrowed some players from a strong Carnoustie team.

In the first game of the day the Pirates had a slow start but soon started to put some passes together and put in some good tackles.

After a period of hard defending the Pirates made headway towards the Carnoustie try line with Peter Marwood crossing to make a terrific score with a great team assist.

In the second game, there was a lot of good running and hard tackling from all the Pirates.

With Carnoustie soaking up the pressure that the Pirates were putting on them, a handling mistake allowed them to take advantage and score well deserved try.

Our thanks go to the hosts for the day and Peter, Blakey, Patrick and Jamie would like to thank the Carnoustie boys for honorary Pirates for the day.

The Pirates P6/P7s mixed with the opposition to make an eight-a-side match.

In the first half it was clear the Brechin Junior Rugby Club’s coach trip to Murrayfield to watch Scotland play Australia the night before and the late evening journey back had taken its toll.

Tired bodies lunged at the Carnoustie forwards and slowly got into their stride.

Gradually Mia found her tackling form and was bringing down her opponents, gaining possession and running forward – often into contact as the Carnoustie lads left few gaps to exploit.

Alix was struggling for grip in her mitts but providing close support to Mia and frequently emerging from the bottom of a ruck in the thick of it, getting back to her feet, onside and ready for the next push.

Aaron was making heavy going in unfamiliar boots but hanging back and rushing in to plug gaps (a natural full back?) before taking possession. Again the Carnoustie line held and Aaron was frequently running across field and slightly backwards probing for gaps often disappearing under a pile of red shirts.

Elliott meanwhile was... well... Elliott - captaining this match and working hard in the centre to stem the hard pressing red shirts with lots of tackling and attacking with the ball often running into traffic. Ever quiet - just getting on with things.

In the second half the team was kicking downhill with the sun in their eyes.

Now they were awake and beginning to run in tries through Mia and Elliott with Alix and Aaron hunting them down in support.

Mia, drove through the tackle taking two or three of the opposition with her and all of the Pirates supported the borrowed players as they put in their tries too.

Elliott, not to be left out tried to see if he could take even more with him before going down under a pile but always with Alix and Aaron there to push bodies away and pick up the ball. It wasn’t pretty but it was effective.

It was a fast and furious game in unusual November sunshine and by the final whistle it was decided to play a third half.

A quick gulp of water and they were all back on the pitch running their tired legs off (Ireland eat your heart out) before the final, final whistle and time for lunch.

A spokesperson for the club said: “It was a really tough match for the Pirates. They worked hard and I suspect they slept well Sunday night. As tired as they undoubtedly were their spirit as always was with them.

“This was only the second game of the season for the S1/S2’s.

“They started a bit behind the pace and took a while to waken up.

“When they started to get into the game a bit more, that is when the big tackles came into play.

“Despite being short of our hooker and having to rearrange the scrum the forwards performed well.

“The team scored many tries.

“The tries were fairly spread out amongst the boys and the majority of the conversions were successful by Callum Pert.

“Two games were played. In the first it was all the Brechin squad and the boys performed well as a team. The second game had mixed teams from Brechin and Carnoustie combined.

“In the combined Brechin team the guys got most of the tries in a close match. I would to thank the Brechin boys for their great effort.

“Our thanks to our Carnoustie hosts – a very hard and good natured meeting with fine hospitality afterwards and of course our thanks to our band of dedicated parents and coaches who come out in all weathers and support their Club.”