Angus Show award winners

THE winner of the over-12 section of the talent competition staged as part of another highly successful Angus Show was 14-year-old singer Nicole Leslie from Edzell.

The under-12 section was won by hip-hop dancer Charley Hancox, aged 11, from Brechin.

The Dog Show Shield went to L. Weston.

Other show results were as follows:-

Sheep shearing and wool rolling:-

Young Farmers Class - 1, Sean Cussiter; 2, Alastair Shaw.; 3, Callum Lindsay.

Wool-handling -1, Kirsty Donald; 2, Stacey Mundell; 3, Sally Crowe.

Junior/intermediate - 1, Stuart Davidson; 2, Alastair Shaw; 3, Sean Cussiter.

Senior/open - 1, Grant Lundie; 2, Calum Shaw; 3, John Blackhall.

Best pen of the day - Grant Lundie.

Ladies and young persons trophy winners:- The Condor Cup, Mrs J. Hendry; The Taylor Cup, Mrs J. Hendry; Mrs Michael Struthers Trophy, Mrs A. Scotland; Scottsacre Trophy, Mrs J. Copland; Croll Trophy, Mrs M. Sutherland; Bloomfield Rosebowl, Mrs D. Alston; A.A.A. Salver Needlework, Mrs M. Alexander.

Dorothy Pert Perpetual 10 to 16 years, C. Sim; Dorothy Pert Perpetual nine years and under, A. Talbot; A.A.A. Cup for under five years old, G. Pirie; A.A.A. Cup for 10 to 16 years old, E. Archibald; A.A.A. Cup for nine years and under, J. Malcolm; Jockey Jan Katie Wilson Shield under five, W. Clark; Jockey Jan Katie Wilson Shield five to nine, J. Malcolm; Jockey Jan Katie Wison Shield 10 to 16, E. Archibald.

Showcase Trophy (new trophy presented by the Hardware Store), Alpaca Loft.

Craft Table Decanter, Mari Dunji Poultry Paintings.

Trade stands: John Guthrie Trophy for the best agricultural stand, Netehrton Tractors; Angus Marts Trophy for the best non-agricultural; stand, Scottlogs.

Vintage section:-

Fendt Trophy - 1, Gordon Sturrock.; 2, Adam Cruickshank; 3, Ian Hall.

The Peter Grant Cup - 1, Archie Doig; 2, Alan Wood; 3, Callum McDonald.

The Dave Mitchell Memorial Trophy - 1, William Sangster; 2, David Findlay; 3, Callum McDonald.

The Stott Trophy - 1, D Davidson.; 2, J. & M. Ramsay; 3, Bruce Richmond.

Bob’s Plate - J. & M. Ramsay.

The A.A.A. Tankard - 1, Bruce Rae; 2, George Kennedy; 3, Jim Murray; 4, Kevin Brown.

The S. & M. Butchart Cup - 1, J. Birse; 2, A. Morrison; 3, Alan Ruxton.

The Phillip Trophy - 1, Mrs B. Christie. 2nd A. Clark; 3, A. Clark; 4, Alan Christie; 5, John Addison.

The Lyall Norrie Stationery Engine Trophy - 1, Kevin Rae; 2, Fiona McDonald; 3, Albert Smith.

The S. & M. Butchart Plaque - 1, Gordon Sturrock; 2, Charles Nicoll; 3, Rab Ross.

The George Tawse Shield - 1, Kimberley Low; 2, Scott MacFarlane; 3, A. Whitton; 4, W. Cruickshank.

Guthrie Brothers Trophy - 1, Alexander Reid; 2, Bill Webster; 3, S. Nicol; 4, David White.

Lyall Norrie Rally Tractor Trophy - 1, A. & L. Robertson; 2, Andrew McDonald.

The Duguid Cup for Youngest Champion in Stationery Engines - Jack Hart.