Brechin at war

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The contribution of Brechiners during war will be the topic of the next Friends of Brechin Town House Museum talk.

Scheduled for Wednesday, June 15 at 2 pm in the upstairs gallery of the museum, Steve Nicoll, who has been a member of the Friends, will talk on the subject “Brechin at war”.

Steve will be looking at the contribution made by Brechiners during war and looking at specific cases where locals have been involved in operations and actions that helped the Allies to succeed in both World Wars.

Steve said: “The importance of continually reassessing the shaping of history at a local level helps us to understand what was happening in places like Brechin and the impact it had on the community.

“Every soldier, sailor or airman was an individual with a life history before and after conflict.

“They were members of a family who loved and cared for them, they were work mates, friends and neighbours.

“Today we live in a world with instant and constant news feed yet for most Brechin families during any conflict there was no news of events often until years later.

“For too many the news was often bad news when they were informed of the death of their relative.

“Living under this intolerable pressure couldn’t have been easy and the anguish of losing a loved one unimaginable.

“I hope the talk will remind us all of the important contribution made by the people of Brechin in both World Wars as well as conflicts before and since.

“The talk will begin by looking at the 2nd (Angus) Volunteer Battalion, Black Watch in the Boer War (See photograph above) but with a stronger focus on both World Wars.

“I am also hoping that people will be encouraged to investigate any members of their own family who served in any conflict as quite often service papers, medals and other interesting material are hidden away in a box or in the attic.

“It never fails to surprise me how little we know about our ancestors and with a couple of generations that information can be lost, it is part of our family history our local and national history.”