Cartie race proves to be a massive success

Team 'ghost rider' won second place for best hallowe'en themed cartie.
Team 'ghost rider' won second place for best hallowe'en themed cartie.

BRECHIN Retailers have come in for high praise after organising the successful Hallowe’en in the City cartie race.

Councillor Bob Myles was full of compliments for those involved in creating the first ever Brechin Cartie race. He said: “The amount of work involved in building some of these carties was something else.

“Brymer’s Cat was a great design. When you saw it coming down the road, especially if they were steering it round a wee bit, it looked as if the cat was looking about.

“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was good as well, it is just a pity that the wheel fell off.

“The event was great, there was a real feel good factor about the town and everybody seemed to enjoy it so lets hope we can make it an annual event.

“I thought there may have been more carts but this is the first year and people may have been waiting to look to see it and to see what it was all about first before they would maybe commit to it next time.

“I saw one cart, which appeared to be an old fashioned cartie with a cross bar and rope steering. It was the image you have when you think of the old fashioned home made cartie.

“It was a great event.”

Congratulating all those involved in make the Brechin Cartie race a huge success, Grahame Lockhart, Convener of the City of Brechin and District Community Council, said: “What a fabulous day on Saturday. The Retailers’ Association deserves a huge round of applause for organising such a great day.

“Who would have thought we would see such a superb ‘creation of wheels’ speeding down the High Street? Fantastic!

“This was an event that saw hundreds of people of all ages out in the High Street having a great day.

“I’m looking forward to next year’s event which will definitely attract more entries and visitors to Brechin. Thank you to all involved for a brilliant day.

“Brechin has been in the doldrums for some time but the different events of this year are an indication that there is real potential in our City to move forward with hope.

“There are some difficult decisions to be taken in the coming months but I’m certain that if we work together as a community, Brechin will be a place of which we can be proud, and a City to which people will want to visit and come back again.

“For anyone who missed the event on Saturday visit our website for pictures.”

One spectator Kay Cunningham, who travelled from St Andrews to watch the event, has already pencilled the event into next year’s diary.

“When I was first told about this, from friends from the Brechin area I thought they were winding me up,” she said.

“Even when they sent me a copy of the Brechin Advertiser which had a story about the event I still thought it could be a wind up.

“I never thought I would spend a Saturday afternoon watching carts race down Brechin High Street. What a fabulous idea.”

Speaking on the Brechin Advertiser’s Facebook page, Scott Milne said: “Really enjoyed the Cartie race day, well done to the organisers and those who entered carties,

“Brilliant! Hope you come back next year, with maybe a little more stalls and entertainment at the sides to keep people there, especially on a cold day like Saturday!”