Children’s television show visits Brechin


Excited youngsters and their parents were in for a surprise last week when wandering through St Ninian’s Square.

On Wednesday of last week, Jim Sherrit, his wife Jacqui and sons Ben and Caleb noticed a table set up outside the library with a young girl and film crew in attendance.

It took oldest son Ben, aged five, to determine just who the girl was - Nina from children’s television show Nina and the Neurons.

“As we were wandering through St Ninian’s Square on Wednesday afternoon, we noticed a young girl with a table out the front of library with a film crew.

“Our oldest son, Ben, was convinced it was Nina from Nina and the Neurons. If you have young kids you’ll have seen it on the CBBC channel.

“Being curious, we inquired what was happening and it turn’s out that it was Nina (actress Katrina Bryan) as the BBC were filming an episode on how roads are made, which explains why they were so interested in Southesk Street.

“She even had time to pose for a photo with Ben, Jacqui and Caleb making their day.”

Nina, a neuroscientist based at Glasgow Science Centre, and the Neurons (five animated characters representing the senses) is a series of 15-minute programmes made by BBC Children’s Scotland for CBeebies - aimed at the four to six age group.