Did you know Sir Robert’s family?

AS PART of the preparation of the forthcoming talk about Sir Robert Watson-Watt in the Town House Museum on March 12, the Friends of the Town House Museum are seeking local information about the early family life of Robert in Brechin.

Secretary of the Friends of Brechin Town House Museum, Steve Nicoll, explained: “We know a great deal about Sir Robert’s academic life and his enduring contribution to the outcome of the Second World War with his pivotal role in developing the use of RADAR to detect and track enemy aircraft during the Battle of Britain.

“His autobiography ‘Three Steps to Victory’ contains a wealth of information about his pioneering work and does contain some references to his early life and schooling in Brechin.

“We also know that his mother was a Dundonian and his father’s family was originally from the Aberdeen area.

“What would be extremely useful would be to have access to more information about the Watt family in Brechin and their lives and work.

“His father, Patrick Watson-Watt, moved to Ferryden in 1906, but the home address of 5 Union Street, Brechin remained in family hands after his departure.

“We also know that there was a strong family link with the joinery trade and also an undertakers business.

“Finding out more about his family life would be interesting and revealing and would add to the story of a fascinating and accomplished individual.

“Of particular interest would be any photos of the family or the early days at 5 Union Street.

“I would be delighted to hear from anyone who has any information on 01356 623256 or steveknicoll@fsmail.net.”

The illustrated talk about the life and work of Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt will take place at 2 p.m., on Tuesday, March 12, in the Brechin Town House Museum.

Entry is free and refreshments will be provided during the interval.

If you would like to find out more about Sir Robert Watson-Watt visit www.watsonwatt.org.

The society is well advanced with their plans to erect a statue of Sir Robert in Brechin but would welcome any donations and assistance to complete the exciting project.

Work to create the permanent memorial statue to commemorate the life and work of Robert Watson-Watt is well underway.

This is history in the making as it will be the first ever statue to be erected in Brechin.

Sculptor, Alan Herriot, is close to completing work on the 115 per cent size statue with only a few thousands pounds needed before the statue can be raised at St Ninian’s Square, just outside the library and only a stone’s throw from the home Watson Watt was brought up in at the foot of Union Street.

The statue, which will be cast from bronze, depicts Watson-Watt with a Spitfire in one hand and a radar transmitter in the other and should be a fitting reminder for locals and visitors alike of the achievements of one of the city’s most famous sons.

But the only way the society can raise the money needed for the statue is with the help of the local community.

The story of Robert Watson-Watt is one that is that has a global interest and one teenager in Chicago has produced a 10-minute video documentary.

Commenting on the video, produced by Jack Barth who is in his mid-teens, Brian Mitchell, secretary of the Watson-Watt society said: “I think that it is a superb piece of work for a lad of his age.

“It only lasts 10 minutes but it is certainly worth a look.”

To view the video visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=H9KKZGf5Hb0
If you would like more information or would like to give a donation to the society please contact the treasurer, Mike Holland, on 01356 624053, jennifermholland@hotmail.com or the secretary, Brian Mitchell, on 01356 624356, bmitch@mmitch58.wandoo.co.uk.