Easter in the City 2013 winners

As PART of Brechin’s Easter in the City 2013 a number of competitions were held.

Judging, which was not an easy task, has taken place and a full list of competition winners has now been announced.

Winners are as follows:-

All winners are stated as printed on their entries.

Easter Bonnet: primary school winners – 1, Melissa Simpson (age 8); 2, Heidi Smith (age 6); 3, Robert B, David, Calum (Maisondieu). High School winners – 1, Brooke Moir; 2, Anna Spence; 3, DE.

Egg winner – Zac Greig.

Paper egg winners – Jess (age 1) Small World Nursery; Argyll (age 3) Small World Nursery; Brooke Lee (age 1) Smylee Tots; Fraser Milne (age 3) Maisondieu Nursery; Leah (age 4) New Friends Nursery; Holleigh Dickie (age 2) Smylee Tots; Owen Barnett (age 4); Ellie Alexander (age 4) Andover Nursery; Siobhan Heith (age 7) Andover Primary.

Raffle winners - Bill Balfour; Molly Shearer; Marion Harper; Jess Christie.

Cup Cake winner - Mr Mathieson.

Easter Basket winner - Mary Fraser.

Perfume Square - Paris – Margaret Wilson.

Whisky Square - Black Grouse – Mairi Evans.

A spokesperson for the organisers said: “We congratulate all the entrants on their very high standard this year.

“We would also like to thank the many people who attended the event made it such a success.”