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Local artist Mac Nicoll has begun his exhibition at the Caledonian Hotel.

The display at the hotel on Southesk Street, Brechin, is an arrangement of pictures which are distorted through glass.

Artist Mac explained the exhibition, saying: “Intrigued by the way a glass-block window distorted the view, I photographed people’s faces through it and enjoyed the ongoing fun of seeing the weel-kent faces oddly re-fashioned - very abnormal but still recognisable as themselves.”

Along with the photos, there are famous quotations tying together the thoughts of how we view the world.

“Any interruption to our sensory processes affects out perception of the world,” continued Mac.

“We can so easily become victims of misinformation in other areas of life - advertising, news reporting, politics and even personal relations.

“Can we be sure of gettinga true and accurate picture of things when asuch a distortion, whehter a bent glass window, a media pundit with a particular agenda, or a malevoolent gossip can so easily and unobtrusively skew things? What is true?”

The exhibition, of almost 50 faces, is is on display until July 16. (Pic. by Peter Drahony).