Exhibition at The Mechanics

The 2012 Art @ The Mechanics’ exhibition, celebrating the Diamond Jubilee and the passing of the Olympic Flame, will be showing works by 55 artists both established and aspiring, when it opens with its preview on Saturday, June 10.

The Institute will be open daily from 12 noon to 4 pm through the exhibition with the following exception:- Opening time on June 12 will be 10 am with the flame programmed to go past the Mechanics’ on St Mary Street at 10.53am.

Gregor O’Neil, aged 14, will pipe the flame on its way from the roof of the building.

The new raised areas at the front of the Mechanics’ will allow better viewing for those who require a seat or a boost to see over others’ heads. June 23 is the last day of the exhibition and work will be removed after 12 noon.

Please keep an eye open for the notice board outside the building that will give information on various activities.

There will be workshops and live artists at various times so pop along and support them.

Entry to the exhibition is free and you are welcome to pop in as often and for as long as you like.

The Mechanics’ is delighted to host this event as a community project, supported by the ladies of the Damacre Centre Art and Crafts Group, the Brechin Photographic Society and, this year, by the Brechin High School Arts Group.