Get your knitting and head for the hills

The Glenesk Folk Museum is encouraging locals to look out their knitting, weaving, sewing and spinning kits and head for the hills.

The museum, which is part of the Glenesk Retreat, is running a ‘Keeping the Thread’ event from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, September 7, as part of Angus Heritage week.

Maria MacDonell, who works at the Glenesk Folk Museum, explained: “We are inviting people of all ages and level of skill to bring their sewing, knitting, needle work, embroidery, mending, spinning, darning, tapestry, altering and crochet for a day of working together, chatting and sharing ideas.

“Spinner Kay Anderson will be at the Retreat all day showing and sharing the fascinating skills she has developed throughout her life.

“We hope that the building, and the grounds too if it is sunny, will be full of people working in different ways with all kinds of threads, being with friends and making new ones.

“There will be a free hot or cold drink for anyone who shows a member of staff what they are making.”

As well as the chance to take part in the craft work, the Glenesk Folk Museum will also be offering the chance to uncover local history, thanks to local people.

Maria continued: “Local historians Gilbert and Agnes Lowden will be on hand to 
unravel historical threads in the intriguing story of