Hall windows may not all be repaired at once

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News that only windows at Inglis Memorial Hall’s old library will be mended when repair work takes place has angered users of the hall.

With work being limited to the historic library some windows of the building will be left boarded up, or unsuitable for their purpose.

Jean Smedly, a member of the Edzell Library Action Group (ELAG) said: “In June 2012 a stained glass window company surveyed windows in Inglis Memorial Hall.

“Many repairs were identified as needing doing.

“While the old library is having its windows repaired (as part of the work for the restoration of the old library, part funded by LEADER) the windows in the rest of the building are not being repaired.”

Jean claimed that a survey, held in June 2012, found that the windows in the building, aside from the library ones, required removal and restoration as a matter of urgency; were in very poor condition and require a complete removal and restoration; and a number of these panels are in a dangerous condition.

Despite the poor state of repair of the windows Jean claims that Angus Council have not applied for funding to repair any of the windows, except those at the old library, since a report, published by the council in 1998 stated that an estimated £34,000 of repairs needed to be carried out.

Jean added: “If money can’t be found for doing all of the work in one go maybe they could do some of the work at a time, starting with the windows which the 2012 survey said are most dangerous and in most need of repair, and doing the other work next year.”

A council spokesperson has confirmed that they are seeking ways to fund the repairs of all windows at the building. She explained: “We received funding specifically to repair the windows of the old library.

“We are currently investigating other sources of funding for the other windows that require repairs.”