Joyce Cromar dancer medal test results

RESULTS from the Joyce Cromar School of Dancing, Medal test Results, which were sat on Saturday, November 14, were as follows: -

Master Plaque - Chloe McLean (pass); Hannah Smith (pass); Rhiannon Torrie (pass); Ellie McLean (pass).

United Badge Orange - Chloe McLean (pass); Hannah Smith; Rhiannon Torrie (pass); Ellie McLean (pass).

Disney Princess Award - Abby Christie (pass); Alex Laird (pass); Mhairi Cameron (pass); Zara Torrie (pass).

Fling and Swords - Abby Christie, (HC).

Bronze Bar Highland - Anna Cameron (commended); Daveena Rooke (H/C).

Silver Star Highland - Lyndsay Nelson (H/C); Connie Fleming (H/C).

Gold Seal Medallion - Courtney Morrison (Distinct); Globe Cup Award - Leanne Stewart (Hons).

Gold Bar Two and Junior Award - Eilidh MacFarlane (H/C); Gold Bar 3 - Kerry Voice (H/C).

Gold Star and Senior Award - Ashley Spark (Distinct); Gold Star Three - Claire Stewart (Hons).

Bronze Flora - Courtnet Morrison (Hons); Leanne Stewart (Hons); Connie Fleming (H/C); Kerry Voice (H/C); Eilidh MacFarlane (H/C).

Bronze Lilt - Courney Morrison (Hons); Leanne Stewart (Hons); Connie Fleming (Hons) Kerry Voice (Hons); Eilidhe MacFarlane (Hons); Lyndsay Nelson (H/C); Anna Cameron (H/C); Daveena Rooke (H/C).

First Gold Thistle Flora - Claire Stewart (Distinct); Second Gold Thistle Flora - Ashley Spark (Hons).

Second Gold Thistle Lilt - Ashley Spark (Distinct); Claire Stewart (Hons).

Bronze Barracks Johnnie - Anna Cameron (H/C); Daveena Rooke (H/C); Lyndsay Nelson (H/C); Connie Fleming (H/C); Leanne Stewart (Hons); Courtney Morrison (Hons).

First Gold Thistle Barracks Johnnie - Claire Stewart (H/C); Second Gold Thistle Barracks Johnnie - Ashley Spark (Distinct).

Grade One Theory - Courtney Morrison (pass); Leanne Stewart (pass). Grade Three Theory - Claire Stewart (pass); Grade Four Theory - Connie Fleming (pass). Grade Five Theory - Ashley Spark (pass); Claire Stewart (pass).