Library corner

Brechin Library is piloting an exciting new initiative over the next three months which will see staff working closely with Andover and Masiondieu Primary schools and the children from Brechin High School library book group.

‘Book Buddy’ will focus on one book each month and one class a month from both schools will ‘befriend’ the chosen book. It is their role as ‘buddies’ to encourage other children in the school to read and enjoy the book too.

Throughout the month the children will focus on activities around the chosen book.

Crafts, internet activities, contacting the author and presenting their reviews and thoughts to other children at the school are high on the agenda. Class visits to the library and library staff visiting the schools will also be a highlight of the month and children will have their work displayed for members of the public to see.

The children’s library will have its own display and selection of books by the author chosen that month. There will be also be books available of a similar genre or theme so the children can develop their own reading.

Library staff want to encourage local children not taking part with the schools to come and be a part of it here. Puzzles and colouring will be available throughout the month.

Brechin High School will also be taking part in a teenage version of Book Buddy through their book group, ‘The Book Neuk.’

The book of the month will be reviewed, blogged about and discussed. The group will also attend the local primary schools taking part in Book Buddy and read to the children. Brechin Library’s teen reading group will also take part.

Everyone involved is excited about this new venture. Plans are underway to post reviews on the Glow website used by schools to promote this initiative and the children can post blogs, reviews and art work each month for the chosen book. This would then encourage other children in Angus to pick up the book too and pass it on.