Library corner

STaff at Brechin Library wish all customers past and present and happy new year.

What about New Year Resolutions?

Hopefully everyone is getting back into their normal routine after the festivities!

“I wonder how many New Year’s resolutions have been broken already?” asks a library spokesperson. “Quite a number I should think!

“What was your New Year’s resolution? Was it to diet, start exercising or take up a new hobby?

“Whatever it was ( or is if you haven’t yet broken it!) then we will have a book to help you out.

“We have books on many different diets, from Atkins to Gillian McKeith, all manner of exercising and fitness books.

“You name a hobby or skill that you would like to take up then I’m confident we will have a book to help

“Knitting, crocheting, painting, drawing, baking, cake decorating or any sports, you name it, we have it covered. So pop into the library and have a look.”

Bookbug and Storytime:-

Tuesday mornings are when the library’s Bookbug and Storytimes take place.

At 10 am it’s storytime when you can join the staff for a couple of stories. Following on at 11 am is Bookbug, where under fives can pop along and join in some songs and rhymes with musical instruments. It’s great fun!

Tea and Coffee in the Library: Between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm you can have a cup of tea or coffee in the library whilst having a read of the papers, or in the cold, just to heat yourself up, for a donation of only 20 pence.

Of course library staff can’t start the New Year without a book recommendation.

Perfect People by Peter James:-

I read about this book in the “Fiction coming soon to a library near you!” list that we have for our readers to browse which features all new fiction coming to Angus libraries,” added a staff mem ber.

“I thought it sounded very interesting and intriguing so put in a request for it.

“An American couple who both carry a gene for a fatal hereditary disease that claimed their three-year-old son, want to ensure that the child they so desperately want is free from this gene; therefore they are attracted to a scientist who claims he can give them “a designer baby”, free from this gene.

“While they are deciding which genes to let the “designer baby” inherit they decide to give him a helping hand and give him more immunity from bugs, an increased ability to learn and be able to function on less sleep when he is older.

“However, when the scientist is killed by a Religious Cult they begin to wonder if they have made a grave mistake.

“Firstly they discover they are actually expecting twins, and then when the babies are born they do seem to have some very strange traits.

“They only communicate with each other and are uninterested in the normal toddler toys; the parents are driven to seek help from psychiatrists as to how to handle their three year old “teenagers”.

“It’s definitely a case of “Be Careful what you wish for”, but it’s a page turner too.”