Library corner

Saturday, February 4 is National Libraries Day.

How many of you will visit your local library that day? How many readers are library members?

If you haven’t visited for a while then why not pop in and see all what we have to offer.

“We’re not all about just books, we have information on all manner of subjects, whether it’s a bus timetable your after, or what’s on at the Webster Theatre, or where your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau is, you name it and we will more than likely have information on it,” explains a spokesperson for Brechin Library.

“Perhaps it’s not information for the present day you are looking for.

“You might be interested in local or family history. Again, we can be of help, as we have a large local history collection. We also have copies of the Brechin Advertiser on Microfilm right back to 1848.

“Even if we still haven’t stirred your interest, you don’t have to be a ‘bookworm’ to enjoy our library. Pop in and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee whilst you read one of our three daily newspapers. All we ask for is a 20 pence donation.

“We have a large non-fiction section which includes everything from craft books to cookery books to ordnance survey maps of Scotland so we should have something for everyone.”

Reviews and Recommendations:-

Nora Roberts – The Next Always:

“Nora Roberts, in my opinion, comes into her own when she writes a trilogy, and I have a feeling that, if the first one is anything to go by, this trilogy will not disappoint,” explains a staff member.

“Three Montgomery brothers, Tyler, Owen and Beckett are transforming the old historic Boonsboro Inn into a luxurious and romantic getaway; another project that Beckett is also keeping his eye on is Claire, the owner of the bookshop across the square.

“Beckett has been smitten with Claire since they were sixteen when Claire married into the military with Clint and left town.

“She has now returned, widowed with three young sons and the bookshop to run and Beckett has his eye on her.

“Meanwhile in the inn someone else is keeping a close eye on proceedings and she has been a resident at the inn for longer than anyone can remember who makes her presence felt by the subtle aroma of honeysuckle.

“One of the things I love most about her trilogies is that you know you are going to hear more about the characters and you do not have to say goodbye to them after only one book. I know we have many readers who are Nora Roberts’s fans and that they will love this too.

“Over Christmas I read some lovely “Chic Lit” which may or not be your thing, but if it is then I recommend Karen Swan – “Christmas at Tiffany’s” and Melissa Hill – “Something from Tiffany’s”. Bit of a theme there I will admit but after visiting Tiffany’s in New York I am smitten by their blue boxes I must confess.”

Linda Castillo – Breaking Silence:

A murder mystery set in the Amish community of Ohio, with the twist being that the Detective investigating the murders is Kate Burkholder, herself born into the Amish community but no longer considers herself to be of that faith.

She finds herself trying to uncover the truth surrounding the horrific deaths of three members of an Amish family who are found drowned in their own hog pit.

The Amish are not keen to communicate with an outsider which makes her job even more difficult, however, she is determined to get to the bottom of this case that has left four children orphaned.

Along the way she uncovers secrets that shock both her and the Amish community, a good page turner.

Scottish Association for Mental Health:

Every third Tuesday of the month there will be a representative from SAMH in the library from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm to discuss amongst other things, benefits, help and information that is available from the association.