Library Corner

Well that’s the summer holidays over and the schools are back in full swing.

It’s been a very busy summer in the library with the Children’s Summer Reading Challenges during which craft and special Bookbugs Rhymetime sessions which have all gone down very well have taken place.

The children attended a presentation ceremony where they were entertained by the author Nick Hesketh and collected their certificates and medals. Congratulations were extended to all those who completed the challenge!

It was busy again in the run up to Heritage Week. A Brechin Heritage Trail Quiz, which is available at the library for free, has been created.

There are various events on throughout Angus and more information can be found in the Angus Heritage Week Booklet.

Staff are keen to get the Chatterbooks group running again after the summer break so if there is any primary school children aged around seven to 11 who would be keen to come along then please do ask at the library.

It’s held monthly on a Tuesday afternoon, after school from 3.45 to 5pm.

It is a book club and the group reads books as well as other book-related activities, so go along if you think it might be your thing.

Library staff have been reading and recommend the following title this month:

‘Chelsea Wives’

Anna-Lou Weatherley

This book was recommended by a customer who described it as a cross between ‘Made in Chelsea’ and ‘Widows’. It takes you a wee while to get into it, what with all the double barrelled names to remember!

However once you do you are sure to enjoy it. Reading about the wives for whom money is no object but their married lives seemed to be lacking in everything from love to trust to fidelity, made a change and when they decide to do something about it, they put their heads together and come up with a plan, and this is where the ‘Widows’ bit comes in.

Obviously it’s important not to give too much away but they do pull off the plan and everyone lives happily every after, but not necessarily living the lives they started off in!

‘Tell me something’

Adele Parks

Quite a coothie read, with the main character Elizabeth having had her heart set on marrying and Italian since her first trip abroad in her teens.

In her head she will marry this dark haired Italian with chocolate coloured eyes and live in the Italian sunshine surrounded by dark curly haired children making pasta by hand.

She does marry her Italian ,Roberto, but the rest of her idyllic life seems to have escaped her so far. When her husband loses his job they decide to go back to his home town in Italy, so she thinks that this is a great opportunity to start her new life.

However, things do not turn out to be as rosy in Italy as she had hoped and she struggles to find happiness, until she meets American Chuck, who is the exact opposite of everything she ever dreamed of, or is he?

Although this book had an inevitability about it, it was enjoyable all the same.