Library to return to Inglis Hall?

Edzell residents have been left waiting slightly longer than expected to get access to their new mobile library vans following further delays with their delivery.

Residents have been without access to the vans since November and were expecting the new timetabling of the vans to resume as of Monday past, however this has now been put back until Monday, January 13.

A council spokesperson said: “The new Rural Services vehicles were delivered last Wednesday (January 4) and since then library staff have been stocking them and getting trained in their operation and safety systems.

“As the new vehicles are larger than their predecessors the drivers are testing routes this week to make sure there is sufficient and safe space at each of the proposed locations for parking and turning.

“We are also testing IT connectivity on the routes before finalising them. Timetables will be published on our website and issued to registered users of the mobile service later this week.

“A launch of the new vehicles will take place on Friday morning (13 January) at Muirhead and Birkhill Millennium Hall and the new service will start on Monday 16 January.”

Inveresk Community Council also heard there may be a “glimmer of hope” for a library in Inglis Memorial Hall.

Chairman for the group, Duncan Smedley, explained how the Edzell Library Action Group and Angus Council have been meeting: “There is a glimmer of hope for a library at Inglis Hall.

“There is a lot of work to do yet, but the council is now prepared to discuss it with the community to find the best way forward.

“It is encouraging that this is happening.”

Councillor Bob Myles said: “We would like to preserve the historic library collection that is already there. We are very proud of what we have, as well as the building.

“If we could develop something that would be an attraction in the village and develop it further, tying it into the library then there is a lot of scope for doing that.

“Rather than a glimmer of hope there was definite hope to move the project on.”

Heather Gow expressed her concerns about how volunteers were expected to run the project, which she felt would not be feasible in the long term.

She also felt that a lending library would need to be incorporated into the project rather than just having the project as a museum.

Volunteers would be needed to move the project forward.

“The community of Edzell need to see what assets they have and would need to put themselves forward for things like this,” said councillor Myles.

“There is no ‘they’ to get this done, there is an ‘us’ and it is up to us, the people in the village, to say what can we do to help preserve our heritage. The hall is definitely part of our heritage and we are very proud of it.

“To just say that we want the council to do it for us, then no. We, the public, have to get involved in what is happening.”