Local history talks at Town House Museum

The Friends of Brechin Town House Museum has announced its programme of presentations for the first half of 2012.

Chairman Brian Mitchell, who will be giving the first talk, said that there would be four very different presentations with aspects of local history, the key projects of Brechin THI, murders in Angus in the 19th Century and aircraft crashes in the local area.

“We will be giving more details in the run-up to each presentation,” said Brian.

“I will be giving the first on Wednesday, February 22 when I will be presenting the second part of ‘Images & Memories’ which is based on the Brechin Oral History Project supported by photographs and images provided by local people.”

On this occasion Brian will be covering a range of pastimes and local industries including engineering but also agriculture and poaching!

“I am sure there are many people of my generation remember when poaching was the chosen ‘work’ of quite a few locals,” he continued.

“But I think that there were two very important developments during last century: the introduction of engineering with the creation of the Brechin factory of The Coventry Gauge & Tool but also, later, the start and growth of Chris Craft.

“I will cover both of these factories which were and are of crucial importance to our local economy.”

Admission is free and all are welcome to attend the presentations all of which start at 2 pm and take place in the Gallery on the upper floor of Brechin Town House Museum.

Although individuals are free to leave as they wish, it is anticipated that the talk will last until about 4 pm but there will be a break in the middle for refreshments.

For more information on this or future presentations please contact Brian on 01356 624356.