Locals are in for a thrilling ride

A sketch gives the idea of how the slide will look on City Road
A sketch gives the idea of how the slide will look on City Road

Visitors to Brechin’s Harley Davidson in The City event in July can look forward to the ride of a lifetime when City Road transforms into a giant waterslide.

Bill Sturrock, who heads community group BRAVO Brechin which is behind the Harley event, said they were delighted to announce they had received almost £5,000 funding from Angus Council to go towards the cost of the 200 metre attraction, which will be part of the event held in Brechin on July 12.

“We are delighted to receive this grant to help us purchase the waterslide which will be the largest road-based waterslide in the country,” said Bill.

He explained that Bristol recently had a 90 metre slide which had attracted 100,000 people but Brechin’s slide was to be more than double that one.

The slide is to be put in City Road which is being closed all day for the event.

“We reckon we can open the slide at 11 a.m. and we should be able to put five people a minute down it so we have worked out we should be able to allow in excess of 1,000 people down the slide,” he said.

The waterslide is being made by Montrose Rope and Sail Company. The base material will be made of PVC and there will be four further layers on top of that. Those brave enough to tackle the slide will go down it either sitting in a dinghy or lying on a lilo.

“We want to make it as fast as possible,” Bill added, while noting that although it would be amazing fun safety was also paramount to the project.

A spokesman for Angus Council said that by granting the funding to the group it was hoped that the waterslide would be an added attraction particularly for younger people and it was hoped that this would encourage them to become more involved in community events.

“The waterslide is a novel and fun way of attracting young people to these events and engaging with them.”

The slide will be reusable.

Development and Enterprise convener Mairi Evans said: “This is a fantastic proposal and all those involved are to be congratulated for their hard work in bringing it to Brechin.

“It’s great that the council has agreed to support the plans – it promises to be an exciting event for the whole community as well as attracting visitors to the burgh.”