Murders and hangings

The Friends of Brechin Town House Museum have announced that the next speaker in their current programme of talks will be Montrose author and newspaper columnist Forbes Inglis.

Forbes is a regular and popular speaker at local groups and he will regale his audience with tales of murders and public hangings in Tayside during the 19th century. While many will regard this as a rather gruesome topic, it has nevertheless proved to be one that does attract a great deal of interest.

During the period chosen there was, of course, no forensic science as we know it today and it was not always possible to determine that a murder had been committed. Indeed, quite frequently many accused were convicted on the flimsiest of evidence and hanged!

Forbes will explore a number of such cases with examples from Brechin, Montrose and Arbroath areas.

He will also consider the possibility that William Bury, who murdered his wife in Dundee, might have been Jack the Ripper.

The talk is open to all and will take place at 2pm on Wednesday, April 25 in Brechin Town House Museum.