New technology available at Pictavia

Pictavia, the centre for Pictish heritage in Angus, has introduced new cutting edge technology for visitors to enjoy.

As the final part of a programme of work to update the facilities at Pictavia, new computers with interactive touch-screens have been installed.

Councillor Mairi Evans, Angus Council’s tourism spokesperson, said: “Pictavia is a wonderful day out for anyone who is interested in finding out about the Picts.

“Visitors are always keen to see something new, and these interactive exhibits are an innovative way of finding out more about our ancient ancestors.

“Of course, as well as being a great educational resource, they are also a lot of fun.”

Visitors to the four star attraction have always been able to enjoy a computer game which teaches children and adults about Pictish symbols and their meaning, but now there is a brand new game which explores different aspects of Pictish life.

Players must choose items to add to a scenario, whether it be a battle scene, a stone mason at work, a metal worker’s workshop or a hunter on the look-out for wild animals. Along the way, the player will learn more about the items chosen, or why they don’t belong in the scenario.

Interactive touch-screen technology is also used in the updated Pictish stone catalogue, which shows all the carved Pictish stones which have been found in Angus. The map shows the location of all findings, details what each stone looks like, including a description of the symbols, and where it is now located.

This is an extremely useful resource for anyone wanting to know more about the Pictish history of Angus.

The project to update all the computers and develop the new software was part-financed by the Scottish Government and the European Community Rural Tayside LEADER 2007-2013 Programme.

Pictavia has also organised a number of events as part of Angus Heritage Week which runs from September 7 to September 14.