Photos and memories

The Friends of Brechin Town House Museum has announced that the ‘Photos and Memories’ presentation, cancelled in December as a consequence of the bad weather, will now take place on Wednesday , March 30.

Brian Mitchell, chairman of ‘The Friends’, will give the talk based on Brechin Oral History Project and photographs donated by Brechiners.

He said: “The presentation will be informal using information provided by the people of the Brechin area and the photographs donated by them.

“The talk will cover a large part of the 20th century from the 1920s and will look at many aspects of living conditions and working life in the area. I hope some of those attending will be able to contribute with their own memories.’

It is also announced that it is intended, later in the year, to invite individuals to bring along their old photographs of Brechin and area, including work and events, to be scanned and added to our local photographic archive held at Brechin Town House Museum.

“Over the last year or so I have continued to have photographs passed to me and hope many more people will consider bringing their images along.

“It doesn’t have to be pictures from the distant past and can be quite recent.

“I have, for example, photos of parts of Queen’s Park which are excellent in indicating, without the need for words, what the area looked like.

“Photographs are scanned to be stored electronically before being returned to their owners.”

One photograph shown was recently passed to Brian from a member of the Findlay family and features Maurice Findlay, aka Maurice the Mole Catcher, about 1935, after a day’s work on a local farm when the subjects of his efforts were rats rather than moles! Older people will recall that there were quite a few individuals so employed until the 1950s/60s.

The presentation will take place in the Gallery of Brechin Town House Museum starting about 2 pm and admission is free.

For more information contact Brian Mitchell, phone 01356 624356.