Romantic start for writers’ circle

Angus Writers’ Circle members were invited to write a wedding speech for the Circle’s first competition at the start of 2013.

Speeches were given by the “Best Man,” “Father of the Bride,” “Mother of the Bride,” and in one case the speaker was the stepdaughter welcoming her new mother.

The speeches were imaginative, funny, entertaining and poignant.

There was no visiting adjudicator at the meeting; the members present did all the judging. Everyone had a voting slip on which they listed their choice of first, second and third.

First was awarded three points, second two and third one point.

A teller was appointed who took all the slips aside and added up the points given.

The winner was the member with most points.

At the end of the evening the winners were as follows:-

1 - Ann Craig, “Jimmy and Me”; 2 - Dr. Eric Yeaman, “Love Knows No Bounds”; 3 - Eleanor Fordyce, “Music of the Stars”.

Heather Gourlay, the president, brought the evening to a close with a vote of thanks to the members who had taken part in the competition, as well as those who had voted.

In particular the teller, Dr Eric Yeaman, was thanked for totalling the voting slips and giving the winner.

The Circle meets on Wednesdays in the first and third week of the month throughout the year in the Rosely Country House Hotel, Arbroath.

New members are always welcome. For further details, contact the secretary, Eleanor Fordyce on 01307 465056 or by e-mail to