Student’s sculpture catches the eye



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An Edzell student has won first place in a design competition which will see her sculpture being brought to life.

Carol Fraser, a contemporary art practice student at Angus College, was one of 30 students who took part in a competition to create a piece of public art to take pride of place within the College’s Arbroath campus.

The students were given the brief to design a permanent free standing piece of public art and were required to engage with the brief of a professional level considering all aspects including materials, schedule, costing and research into other pieces of contemporary public art.

It was the design of Carol that caught the eye of the judging panel, taking first place and the prestigious prize of having her sculpture brought to life.

The designs of Jackie Henderson (Forfar) and Ameena Mahmood (Brechin) were also highly commended.

Carol’s winning design pays tribute to the Arbroath smokie and will be constructed from mainly recycled material.

Her design is to be officially unveiled at the class’s annual exhibition in the spring.

Carol said: “I decided that I would like to do something that was very local and was connected to Arbroath.

“I wanted to do something that was related to the catering side of the college, so my proposal initially had quite a small scale version of the sculpture to go in the restaurant but, when they saw my sketches, I think they saw the potential in having it on quite a large scale and outside so that more people could appreciate it.

“The plan is to use recycled materials.

“Because I have changed it from an indoor to outdoor sculpture I am going to have to find materials that are or can be weatherproofed.

“I am considering approaching the smoke houses in Arbroath to see if they have any hessian that they line the barrels with that I can use.

“It would be good to use something authentic that maybe had the smokey smell to it.

“It will also use drift wood which I can pick up from the local beaches. There is still a lot of work to do regarding coming up with suitable materials.

“I had never been interested in sculpture before and it was only since I went to college that I became interested in it.

“I am quite excited by this project as it is something that is new to me.”

Carol’s design will be officially unveiled at the class’s annual exhibition in May.