Successful year

The Friends of Brechin Town House Museum held their seventh annual general meeting last week in the splendid upper gallery of the museum.

Amidst an exhibition of pictures from the David Waterson Memorial Collection, Chairman Brian Mitchell took the opportunity of emphasising the value that the refurbished museum has brought to the community of Brechin; it is now an exciting centre for exhibitions, talks, demonstrations and the communication of Brechin’s history.

He stated that the organisation has had a busy year and looks forward to further promoting the area’s history and culture through Brechin Town House Museum.

The museum is the venue for a popular series of free talks hosted by the Friends and this year has included, ‘Etching the Past - an appreciation of David Waterson’ with David Adam, ‘Photos and Memories of Brechin’ with Brian Mitchell and recently, ‘Brechiners at War’ with Steve Nicoll.

The Friends oral history project, recording the spoken memories of ‘veteran’ Brechiners, had been successfully concluded with the production of a set of audio CD’s.

The Friends are also creating a ‘public participation’ archive of historical photographs of Brechin; these photographs are contributed by members of the public at the museum where they are copied on the spot and then returned.

To coincide with the Royal wedding, the museum currently presents an exhibition of wedding dresses, fashions, memorabilia and a wedding cake!

Coming up next in the museum is an exhibition of photographs by Brechin Photographic Society, and later, an exhibition by artist/printmaker Hetty Haxworth.

The elected committee for 2011-12 includes chairman Brian Mitchell, treasurer Ann Mitchell, vice-chairman George Mitchell, secretary David Adam, Steve Nicoll, Brian Stephen, Norma McLeay, Robert Martin, Ruth Leslie Melville and Ursula Shone.

You can help to support your local museum by joining the Friends and further information is available on the website or at the museum in the High Street.