Torch DVD gifted to schools

A local Brechin film-maker has generously donated film footage of the Olympic torch relay to local schools.

Robert Keith, who read about high school pupils missing out on the historic event in last weeks Brechin Advertiser, supplied 14 minutes of footage of the event to Brechin High School, Andover Primary and Maisondieu Primary schools. Robert, known as Bert, who records historical films for the town’s museum, has also gifted a copy to the Brechin Town House Museum.

He said: “I was happy to do it for the school children so they could see it.”

He also hopes that over the years, new generations of pupils will be able to watch the historic moment the Olympic torch came to town.

Mrs. Howson, head teacher at Andover Primary school, commented: “It was a lovely gesture on Mr. Keith’s behalf and I am sure the children will have an opportunity to view it and recall the events of that special day, before the end of term.”

Mr Dempsey, head teacher of Brechin High School, said: “It will provide a very useful permanent record of the Olympic Torch passing through Brechin on June 12 2012.”