Two new David Waterson works donated to Trust

Two paintings by Brechin’s famed artist, David Waterson, have been donated to the David Waterson Trust.

John Ritchie, who is a member of the Trust, revealed that the growing collecting of Waterson’s work in his birthplace now includes a new watercolour work and a new pastel work, thanks to Alex Anderson.

In a letter to the Brechin Advertiser, Mr Ritchie explained: “My long association with the investigation into the works of David Waterson has taken me to many cities throughout the UK - London, Oxford, Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee to name but a few, these public collections along with several other individual collections of David Waterson’s works, can be seen by visiting

“Brechin, the birthplace of David Waterson, holds by far the most individual collections of David Waterson’s works ranging from one to scores of paintings and we have to thank the many Brechiners who over the years have in many different ways supported the artist.

“The David Waterson Trust (DWT) has already notified the people of Brechin of the several donations made to the trust, via the pages of this newspaper and via the news columns on our website, and am delighted to inform the Brechin people of a further donation of two framed paintings 22 x 14 centimetres, one watercolour and one pastel.

“Alex Anderson who hails from Warwick inherited the two paintings from his father George and his aunt, George’s sister Cora Lawson (nee Anderson), both born and raised in Brechin; the paintings were presented to the DWT chairman at the offices of Ferguson and Will last week.”

He added, on behalf of the people of Brechin, “Heartfelt thanks to Mr Anderson for such a generous gift”.