Watson-Watt gravestone restored by local mason

Tom Church is pictured at the restored gravestone.
Tom Church is pictured at the restored gravestone.

Sir Robert Watson-Watt’s gravestone, located in Pitlochry, has been restored local mason and sculptor Tom Church.

Tom was approached by Watson-Watt’s great nephew, Robin Thorburn, after hearing that the Brechin born radar pioneer’s gravestone was in bad condition.

The poor condition of the stone was confirmed when a committee member of Watson-Watt society who visited the grave site and was appalled by what they saw.

Brian Mitchell, secretary of the society, claims that over the last few years several comments from visitors to the graveside regarding the poor state of the stone have been received: “While we sympathised greatly with their comments we were powerless to do anything about the matter and we now greatly appreciate that Robin contracted Tom who has made the stone look like new.”

The society are in the final stages of erecting a statue of Robert Watson-Watt, a sculpture that has been supported by Tom, who has added over £1300 to its funds by opening his studio to the public for a week last year.

The statue has been well received by Robin who visited the Powderhall Foundry in Leith to see the work, currently in storage, that created by Alan B. Herriot, claiming it “does justice to Sir Robert.”

The society continues to raise funds for the plinth and transport of the statue to its site in St. Ninian’s Square.