Wirren Gallery celebrate Pictish heritage

As part of Angus Heritage Week which runs until September 20, The Wirren Gallery in Edzell is hosting an exhibition reflecting the unique Pictish heritage of the area through various artistic media including stone carving, jewellery, ceramics and painting.

The stone carvings being exhibited at The Wirren Gallery, are by Brian Wyllie, a very talented Brechin craftsman who sources stone from diverse places and then carves highly intricate designs into the stone thereby re-creating the art of ancient times.

These pieces of stone work, which are for sale, would make unique statements in house or garden.

Also on display are new ceramic works by Maralyn Reed-Wood. These include porcelain and pewter quaichs, ceramic standing stones, wall plaques and jewellery.

Further Pictish inspired work by local artists include paintings, prints, jewellery and ceramics.

This exhibition runs alongside our usual exhibition of original artwork with paintings by Jonathan Mitchell, Liz Watson, Michi Clark and Wendy Page: jewellery by Emma Gordon, Ellacey designs and Amy Mason; furniture by Richard Inkster and ceramics by Bel McCoig and Fran Marquis

The Wirren Gallery is situated in the High Street in Edzell and is open daily (closed Monday) from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.