World labyrinth day at The Burn

WORLD Labyrinth Day is set to be celebrated at The Burn in Edzell, as participants gather to walk the Baltic labyrinth.

Celebrated this Saturday (May 4), World Labyrinth Day, an initiative of The Labyrinth Society, is a day designated to bring people from all over the world together to walk labyrinths.

Walking the labyrinth is a form of walking meditation, and they are said to act as a symbolic container with the labyrinth’s path being a metaphor for the journey of life.

The event has been organised by Patricia Walker, and The Burn has generously offered to host the event, and will even be holding a presentation about labyrinths before the walk, which is due to start at 1 p.m.

Should the weather be poor, Patricia has painted a canvas labyrinth so that the walk can still take place indoors.

Entry to the labyrinth event is free, although there is a cost for refreshments and anyone wishing to enjoy refreshments should contact The Burn House in advance on 01356 648281.

The Baltic labyrinth at The Burn was designed by Jeff Saward and constructed from river stones by The Burn staff and HM Prison Noranside in 2005 and it offers a unique experience for those who wish to walk its path. It has a double spiral at the centre and separate entrance and exit paths.

It has a traditional long path to the centre starting to the left but there is also a short path on the right, directly to the centre of the labyrinth. An individual walker has the choice of the traditional long path in and long path out, or any combination of long and short paths to complete their journey.

World Labyrinth Day is a day to inform and educate the public about labyrinths, which aren’t to be confused with mazes. Mazes are designed to confuse, whereas labyrinths are made in a way to guide you to the centre.

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