Campaign’s bid to reduce amount of pumpkin waste

Brechin households are being urged to get creative with their food by the Love Food Hate Waste campaign in a bid to cut down on leftovers.

The campaign, delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, has complied some pumpkin recipes to tackle the waste generated at Halloween by carving lanterns.

A spokesperson explained: “Around 100,000 pumpkins will be bought by Scots this Hallowe’en, yet a staggering 99 per cent of them are used purely for making lanterns.”

To help cut down this waste, Love Food Hate Waste has some delicious pumpkin recipe suggestions to try including roast pumpkin lasagne, pumpkin tart, roast pumpkin and coriander soup, roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin chutney. All of these recipes are available on, along with lots of other great tips focusing on apples, which are in season and often used in Halloween parties for apple bobbing. Recipes include toffee apples, apple crisps and apple spiced muffins.

Food waste is a major issue, with over 380,000 tonnes of food being thrown away in Scottish households each year that could have been avoided and the average family in Angus could save over £470 a year by cutting food waste.

Zero Waste Scotland’s Ylva Haglund, co-ordinator of Love Food Hate Waste, said: “Hallowe’en is a really fun time of year where people traditionally get together, so it makes sense to make the most of the food we buy for these celebrations.

Ylva added: “Throwing away the actual food inside the pumpkin is a real waste of the money you’ve spent when there are so many great things you can make with it, and sending this food to landfill is also really damaging to the environment.”