Don urges councillors to adequately fund music in schools

Nigel Don, MSP for Angus North and Mearns, recently asked the Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages, about the importance of music in the primary and secondary school curriculum. He welcomed the recent decision by the Scottish Government to set up an instrumental music group to examine the concerns he and others have around the provision of instrumental music tuition. The group will report to ministers in the summer.

Nigel Don said: “As a former music teacher and Musicians Union member I was pleased to hear that the Scottish Government has taken the concerns I have about instrumental music tuition seriously. Music education in schools reaches beyond music; it helps to instil a sense of confidence in young people, and has wider social and cultural benefits.

“I welcome that fact that schools across Scotland will benefit from a new £1 million investment in new musical instruments, and it is important that local councils ensure that music instruction remains a key part of any curriculum.”