German artist fan of Brechin musician

A Brechin musician’s latest musical work, uploaded to a website for musicians, has caught the eye of an up and coming German music star.

Ian Moffat uploaded his recent piece of music to a site called Fandalism where the track caught the attention of Andreas Kümmert - who won the 2013 German version of The Voice.

Ian said: “I needed something fresh to work on so out of the hundreds of soundbites, bits of melody and ideas that I‘ve stored up over the last 20 years or so started working on a melody which I’ve given the working title of “Bombass”.

“When I viewed my Fandalism page on Friday, March 13, I found that I’d received several Props (likes) from regular followers of my music and a couple of new followers and likes.”

When Ian saw how popular his new follower Andrea was, an internet search highlighted the singer’s success in Europe. Ian said: “He’s had chart success in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His album, ‘Here I Am’, reached number three, 13 and 13 respectively in those countries and his single ‘Simple Man’ reached numbers two, 10 and 12. His latest single “Heart of Stone” is currently at number 12 in Germany.”

As well as winning The Voice, Andreas was selected by TV viewers to represent Germany in this year’s Eurovision song contest, but he turned it down.

Ian has been writing music since 1990, after he was diagnosed with ME. He explained: “In my case, it effected my central nervous system and brought with it chronic fatigue and severe exhaustion which led to me losing my job and being able to work only to varying degrees as a self-employed painter and decorator.

“Along with, or perhaps as part of the ME, I suffered three bouts of mouth cancer in 91–2000 and 2002. I had to give up my position as drummer in the wedding and function band 4th Dimension, with whom I had my first experience of a recording studio.

“Being intermittently housebound for weeks and on occasion months at a time in the initial six years with the condition I taught myself guitar for therapeutic purposes and to keep my interest in music going.”

As a result of his music interests, Ian is developing a new project called MA Sonics. He explained: “The aim of MA Sonics will be to create musical compositions and songs by private commission, a bit akin to an artist being commissioned to paint a portrait or sculpture.

“I will be working together with Kevin Skelly, and Eddie McNaughton from Forfar. We will provide a service from a simple guitar or piano accompaniment and vocal up through to fully arranged and developed production.”

Ian has also been recording music with Alan Sherrit, drummer in Brechin band Dreamtime. The duo are recording a seven track album, which is being produced by Kevin at his Sonic Organic recording studio.