Jon’s Doghouse date

Jon Windle will perform at The Doghouse, Dundee on November 24.
Jon Windle will perform at The Doghouse, Dundee on November 24.

JON Windle, former singer of Indie band Little Man Tate, is stopping off at The Doghouse in Dundee on Thursday, November 24 as part of his U.K. tour.

When Little Man Tate decided to call it a day in October 2009, Jon Windle had one of two choices - go and find himself a ‘day’ job - or give it one more crack and see if the world was ready to listen to what he had to say.

After an impromptu “turn” at a charity gig in Rotherham he was inspired to put together his debut solo album.

Released on October 18, 2010, almost a year to the day after the demise of LMT, Step Out The Man (Tiny Teeth Records) received both critical and public acclaim. Although more mature than previous work, Windle has stayed true to his roots and fundamental beliefs around song writing “…I love country music, love the way it tells a story…I want to write about specific events, not general social commentary…”.

Accompanied by blistering high energy live performances, he has proved to the cynics that he has the ability to move away from the comfort of a group, and stand out to be counted in his own right - captured perfectly in the tone of the title track to last year’s album.

He hit the road on his tour in Bathgate last Friday - why not check him out at the Doghouse on the 24th.