Music event will take place in 2013

Plans to set up a Brechin Music Fest are gearing up with a date set for August 30 to 31, 2013.

The idea, first suggested by Graeme Strachan on The Brechin Advertiser’s Facebook page at the beginning of June, saw such a high level of interest that Graeme, with the help of Charlie Cameron, set up a couple of meetings with a select group of interested parties to determine what work would need to be carried out.

As a result of these meetings the date has been set and now an organising committee is in the process of being formed, with anyone interested in joining the committee encouraged to get in touch with Graeme at or Charlie at to register their interest.

Graeme, who in the past has DJ’d at Flicks, commented: “If Montrose, Forfar and Arbroath can do it then there is nothing stopping Brechin from doing it too.

“Ideas that have been discussed so far include getting Brechin High School to have a battle of the bands at the High School on the Thursday night, with the winner of that kicking off the event on the Friday as we are looking to hold a concert in the City Hall on the Friday night, although we still need to talk to the school about this. There are various bands that have already said they will play the concert already.

“We have also talked about holding an under 18s event at the Mechanics’ on the Friday night. Also, leading up to that event we thought about holding DJ workshops in The Attic and they could then DJ on the night, alongside myself, and have a proper rave night for them.

“The two meetings we have had have been very positive and the next stage we have is to meet the council to see how viable it is to close the High Street for the day.

“It is mostly just ideas that are bouncing about just now and what we need now is to find people who are genuinely interested in helping us do this and to organise a committee.

“There will be no events taking place in open air, except maybe drumming displays or dancing. We calculated the cost of holding something open air and it was just going to be too expensive. We will be able to do this in a few years down the line hopefully.

“People have been shouting for something to happen in the town since Flicks closed down. This is 100 percent going to happen.

“What we discussed at the last meeting was to have, say, three bands playing in each pub, or if there is a popular band they could move between pubs. Ideas that have been flying about have been fantastic but we now need to take this to the next level.”

Interested sponsors, new bands, or those who are well-established, who would like to take part in Brechin Fest 2013 are encouraged to contact organisers by emailing

For more information and to keep up-to-date with the latest news from the organisers visit