Paula plays Monikie

Paula MacAskill is at Monikie Hall this Saturday, doors open 7.15 pm.

Paula MacAskill is at Monikie Hall this Saturday, doors open 7.15 pm.

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Paula MacAskill will perform in concert at the Monikie Memorial Hall, Monikie this Saturday at 8.00 p.m.

Paula started her music career at a very early age firstly starting picking out nursery rhymes on the piano, then going on to learn the accordion followed by the cornet and tenor horn which enabled her to join a brass band. She went on to learn the bagpipes, guitar, clarinet and the saxophone. Paula went on to Trinity College of Music London achieving a medal for grade 1 with 99% honours in 1978.This led to her attending the Royal Academy of Music to concentrate on piano/keyboards and accordion and started to singing. Paula is a professor in music and is highly respected by the music industry and she trials out new electronic keyboards for an Italian company.

Paula started to concentrate on her career in music and appeared with a number of Irish artists on numerous tours including Dominic Kirwan, Joe Dolan, Philomena Begley and Brendan Shine. She has also appeared on stage with a few famous American country singers including the Mavericks and Martina McBride. Anyone wishing to book seats or needs more information can phone Margo Croal 01382 350250 or email: More information about Paula’s other tour dates are available through her website